Are you experiencing sex discrimination or harassment at work, school, or with your health care?

TGRCNM has been funded by the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund™ to help transgender and non-binary folks find free legal advice if they have experienced sexual discrimination, harassment, or retaliation in their workplace, school, or in a healthcare setting.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out an intake form via this link: Need guidance? Watch this video.

  2. If they can help, you will be sent the names of three lawyers from the Legal Network for Gender Equity in your area.

  3. You are responsible for contacting the lawyers.

  4. If they can’t help, they will send you other resources. Here are some you can check out now:

Lawyers in the Legal Network agree to do a free initial meeting with people coming to them through the Legal Network. Some of these lawyers also offer lower rates or free assistance, but others require payment after the first meeting.

If your case involves sex harassment at work, the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund™ may be able to help pay for your legal case and for media and storytelling assistance.

Click here to get the process started: